The iPad Makes Me Better

I am now over two months into my life with my iPad and I think I have found the places it works best for me. I did use it almost non-stop for a month as a laptop replacement and found that it came close to filling that space. I say close because it didn’t manage my google docs well and it still doesn’t … that just means I use it for very different things than my laptop. I will continue to say that I actually really like that it isn’t a laptop replacement because it lets me get away from all that stuff after work and on weekends. I actually have found that the iPad makes me a better parent — that is so jacked up to write and read, but I am sticking by it.

I have now figured how to slot the iPad into my overall workflow and every single day I discover a new App that seems to make me really happy. They aren’t really making me more productive, but I have to say I really don’t care. The iPad is filling a different space for me than one built around productivity (and I like that). I leave my laptop at work all week, only bringing it home on the weekends (and that is really for those “just in case” moments if all hell breaks free). I use the iPad to do everything during the week while at home — email is killer, the web is amazing, playing casual games is a joy, reading books from iBooks and Amazon is perfect, and just not having the opportunity to do it all is such a treat.

And let me say it again that it gets better each day. Why? Because the App Store lets me find stuff that actually helps me do things better. I hate to say it but Reeder is the best google reader client I have ever used — even better than actually just using google reader! I say that “I hate to say it” because I have now purchased three of them … I bought it tonight after my friend and colleague, Brad Kozlek mentioned it in a post. The iPad invites me in, but pushes me out of the world of work on weekends. And that makes me a better person — I am convinced of that.

6 thoughts on “The iPad Makes Me Better

  1. Hi Cole, thanks for the iPad insights. I don’t want to throw off your work life balance because I do believe it is good to leave some items at the office, but I have found Office2 HD to be useful for managing and editing Google Docs. I hope something better comes along, at this point it is at least functional.

  2. “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and dog gonnit people like you.” 🙂
    The iPad is your equivalent of Stuart Smalley?

  3. Jim no fries, but it does come with a Super Sized soda and so onion rings. Best part is that the iPad makes a great try to move your value meal around on.

  4. Hi, Cole. First-time commenter. Considering the price of the iPad along with how well it works, it seems that it would be a great choice for someone who is in the market for a new laptop. By the time of its release, I already had a Macbook and an iPhone, so I didn’t want to spring for one. However, as I get more into reading, the google reader client seems more like an attractive feature!

  5. Cole,
    Haven’t poked my head in on your blog in a while but your iPad post caught my eye. I picked up a wifi model a few weeks back and have liked, but not loved it. I use it less and less. I still like it, I just haven’t used it for much other than eBook reading.
    I am deploying to Iraq in November and I’ll take the iPad with me, but I truly wish it had an iSight so that I could video chat with my wife during the deployment, but alas, I’ll have to use whatever is available on the FOB.
    In case you didn’t know, Patrick is in Africa, flying a P-3 for the Navy and Andy (our younger brother) is in Airborne school in Georgia right now.
    Hope all is well with you,

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