Only for Consumption?

Much has been made about the idea that the ipad is strictly a consumption device. While I agree with that to a degree I am starting to see much more potential for creating content — especially the kind of content I produce the most, text supported by images.

This morning I was struck by the fact that of the 26 icons on my iPad’s home screen, 11 were for creating content. That may simply show my own bias towards making stuff, but it could also be looked as a sign that the iPad is also about creating. Some of those apps are free and some cost money, but for the most part they are similar to the apps I use on my laptop to do my work … iWork is a go to suite on my MacBook, it costs money, and it is here. I can’t yet create/edit video, but at this point that isn’t impacting me. I can obviously do screenshots and even edit them using other apps.

I think part of this is getting to know what is important on a personal level all over again. I am only a few days into this and it has impacted my workflow, but not necessarily in a negative way … I am relearning how I do things and am enjoying that. I know throughout this month that I will continue to bang my head on things, but that’s what we do as we are learning — as long as the head banging isn’t constantly against the wall.

I don’t want to make too much of these two points as it is early, but a new app has been released each day since Saturday that has positively impacted my overall experience on the ipad and I am beginning to see the ability to create content (at least this kind of content) as an emergent feature. Again, take all this with a grain of salt, but I thought I’d capture those initial thoughts to see how they hold up over the long haul.

2 thoughts on “Only for Consumption?

  1. So this comment is an example of how content is created with the iPad. You are right that there are some limits on what can be produced given the absence of a camera (both still and video). Text is primary here on the iPad, for now.
    For me, after a day of use, the iPad is clearly the preferred method of taking notes at meetings, tracking daily email and calendar events and reading blogs, etc. It is much more compelling for me as a personal assistant device that I can take with me through the day. It is easier to take notes at meetings without a screen coming between you and your colleagues.
    I also see this as a potentially powerful device in the education setting. If each student had one, many new modes of interaction would open to faculty willing and able to engage students with technology. Directing students to websites, having them do in class group research online, empowering the twitter back channel etc. are all very simple on this device.
    Finally, if I were on my iPhone, this comment would not have been as long – for better or worse!

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