Baiting the Hook

This is a wonderful short presentation by Dan Meyer at TedxNYED (I’d love to do one of those events here at PSU). There is so much packed into 12 short minutes just screaming to be discussed and explored. One of his main points is the potential problems of practice related to teaching from and relying strictly on textbooks — not that he doesn’t say textbooks are evil or anything, shows how to better take advantage of them in a 21st century world. Watch it and see if it moves you to take the time to react. I’d love to hear ideas and reactions.

2 thoughts on “Baiting the Hook

  1. “Sitcom sized problems.” That’s so smart. You’re right- there’s a lot packed into this that I’d too easily trivialize by trying to write about it. The rest of his blog is great, too. Brilliant stuff going back several years.

  2. The College of IST is actually organizing TedXPSU. First meeting is on Sunday at 2:00pm 206 in the IST building.
    Been to one TedX event before at TedXCMU. Excellent time and excited to see who PSU brings in.

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