TLT Symposium 2010!

It is hard for me to believe, but it is time again for the annual TLT Symposium here at Penn State. This has turned into quite the event over the last several years — we have well over 400 registered this year … and that is for a PSU only event being held on a Saturday! I continue to be amazed by the outcomes and the efforts that go into the event. The thing I love the most is how the energy from our community just pours out of every single session. People from all over the State of PA will be here sharing ideas, talking in the halls, and building new connections that will be of real lasting value. The program this year is so strong … it is actually tough to figure out what sessions to attend — from Michael Wesch’s keynote to the final keynote of the day it is packed with plenty to inspire.

As in year’s past we will be both streaming and archiving big portions of it, so be sure to check the Symposium site for those details. I love how the energy of this event is built around the idea that it is both the start of another year of innovation and the celebration of what has been done in the recent past. Most of us will be locked into the event starting first thing tomorrow through Saturday night when we’ll collapse. I can’t wait to get things started!


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