Social Networking Now More Popular on Mobile

A recent study from Ruder Finn revealed that Americans are spending nearly three hours per day on their mobile phones. And what are they doing there? Educating themselves, conducting business, managing finances, instant messaging, emailing? All of the above, as it turns out, and then some. But perhaps the most interesting finding from the new data is the fact that more people are using the mobile web to socialize (91%) compared to the 79% of desktop users who do the same. It appears that the mobile phone is actually a better platform for social networking than the PC.


I find this to be true for me as well — I tend to spend more time connecting to Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone these days. It is rare for me to even have a Twitter client open on my Mac. The mobile apps seem so robust and I can actually spend some time looking through things instead of bouncing in and out of focus. I even have different workflow while using Twitter on my iPhone … when I see a Tweet I want to do more with I just email the Tweet to myself to check out the resource later.

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