Lost in the Hype?

When the date for the announcement was set, I started hoping that Apple would release something like iWork for the “tablet.” I doubted they would so soon but the hope was there. As I figured, if they did, they’d be sending a clear message that this was the future of computing, not just for gaming, watching videos and reading books.

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The inclusion of mobile versions of iWork were the thing that convinced me I could actually use this thing for real work — not just the stuff I use my iPhone for. The inclusion of Keynote is what makes the iPad so attractive to me. To be honest, Keynote is really the only piece of desktop software I use … I do a lot of talks and I've not been able to switch to Google Presenter which is funny given I use web services for everything else.

5 thoughts on “Lost in the Hype?

  1. I was surprised that there is no multitask capability, and most surprised there is no cam.
    Hello? Content creation, Apple. You guys revolutionized it. No cam is exactly the kind of thing you would see, say, Dell do.
    In fact, I would put a little viewfinder screen on the back. Even though it is larger than an iPhone, it’s not as unwieldy for shooting video as a laptop. I could see holding one of these up to snap a quick pic or shoot a quick video at a conference. Then incorporating that shot into a blog post, or a presentation, or a……
    I am curious to see if version 2.0 has a cam.

  2. Re: no camera… If one of the markets for these will be hospitals, and the like where laptops on carts are the norm, perhaps it is a business decision not to have a camera.

  3. Apple doesn’t need to concern itself with building content creation apps… there’s a grip of developers who’ve already cut their teeth making iphone apps, and will be ready to put out a wide range of apps for this device as soon as it comes out. As long as the hardware will allow it, you will most likely be able to do whatever you want.

  4. I looked at the iPad and first thought of the health care market. It is an area that Apple is not in. They could have a corporate line that does not have a camera and a consumer line that has one. In Education, a camera built in to your computer seems to be a must. I would like a camera on the iPAD to do basic VC.

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