UMWeb 2.0: UMW

And I think what sets UMW apart from many a school is quite simple: early on Mary Washington made a conscious choice to invest in people rather than technologies. That is the real difference in our environment, and when you think that we have a group of six people for a campus population of 4500, it quickly becomes clear why we’ve had such a great impact at UMW. But, I would be remiss here if I didn’t mention the simple fact that the UMW faculty (and students) made our success real and I, for one, have been riding on the shoulders of their hard work for over four years now. They refuse to stop innovating despite a 4/4 load and more committee work than any mortal human being should be exposed to. So while this is a celebration of DTLT—and rightfully so in many ways—I think the larger point is that our students and faculty have been willing to take this ride with us in order to realize some amazing possibilities for re-thinking the pedagogical paradigms through technology.


A different platform, but the same passion for impacting teaching and learning with technology. Many kudos to my friends and colleagues at the University of Mary Washington.

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