The Tablet?

Here’s the thimbleful of information I have heard regarding The Tablet (none of which has changed in six months): The Tablet project is real, it has you-know-who’s considerable undivided attention, and everyone working on it has dropped off the map. I don’t know anyone who works at Apple who doubts these things; nor do I know anyone at Apple who knows a whit more. I don’t know anyone who’s seen the hardware or the software, nor even anyone who knows someone else who has seen the hardware or software.


As always, Gruber's thoughts are excellent and level headed. I have a feeling he is on the mark with this new device — why think small when Apple has been working to think so big for so long (at least under Jobs). The Apple I and II, the original Mac, the PowerBook, the iPod, and the iPhone all were ideas that changed how we took advantage of technology … there is no reason to believe that Apple would do it any differently this time. When it shows up, I can't see it simply being a big iPod Touch or a crappy tablet MacBook … it'll change things.

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