The Long and Short of It

I’ve had a really hard time deciding how to use this space lately. I’ve not had the energy for much long form blogging the last few months. Long Form Blogging is the stuff I’ve almost always done here in this space — I’ve used it to explore my own ideas and to invite conversations about the things I am thinking about. I’ve still been posting content, it just seems to be happening in other places. For the past month or so I have been posting quite a bit into the Stuff multi-author space we’ve been playing with in ETS. It has been sort of liberating just posting things I am seeing/reading into a place where I am not the single voice. This Short Form Blogging has lots of potential and it does seem to get me posting more, but I’m struggling with if it is right for this space.

I’m always thinking about where my content should go … I’ve always been a strong supporter of the idea that my text should live right here. For some reason I think I’ve let my own notions of what this space is about limit my use of it. That’s crazy. With my new obsession with the One Button Web, I can’t seem to get enough of finding interesting things and quickly sharing them.

Now that Twitter and Facebook have come of age in terms of adoption, I can publish Short Form items right here and have the headlines pushed into the various networks using simple plugins to amplify what I am writing. At the same time the content is starting here … it allows me to preserve and manage my content long term while still letting it hit the networks as if I were publishing it there. So I think after all that I am going to try and use this space much like I have been using the Stuff space. I am going to use the post bookmarklet a heck of a lot more and share more of my content into this space on a much more regular basis.

It would be nice if this were a little more customizable.

It would be nice if this were a little more customizable.

An awfully long form post to say I’ll be posting a hell of a lot more short form stuff. Now if I could only figure out how to customize the quick post interface a bit.

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