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Last night I was exploring Flickr a bit and started to look at some really cool tilt-shift photos that make scenes look like models. I’m no Photoshop pro so my results really don’t compare, but I have been having more fun playing around with pictures lately than in a long time. I’ve been doing some fake lomos that I’ve enjoyed, so I decided to give it a shot. I was able to easily find several good tutorials to follow … the best (and simplest one) is what I ended up following. It might be fun to do shots like this from all over campus and put them into a group on Flickr. As a matter of fact I started one if anyone is interested in adding some, please feel free.

Model View

Model View

8 thoughts on “More Photo Stuff

  1. Looks cool! I’ve always been interested in trying this. From what I’ve seen, blurring the foreground and background and leaving the center in focus produces some really keen looking photos!

  2. Cole,

    There is a photo exhibit at the Student Union in Madison going on now – I just saw it last night – some really nice examples – I’ll see if I can find the artist’s info and post it. I can’t recall his name right now. Maybe he has some stuff on flickr as well.

  3. I haven’t had too much success with fake tilt shifts. Your pic captures that miniature feel.
    There is a tilt shift app for the iphone that I have played with, for doing tilt shifts on the go.

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