The Right Start

I’ve had a tough time getting back into writing since my One Post a Day participation during February. March brought about Spring Break and an absolutely amazing vacation that was just what the doctor ordered … problem is that I have been buried in a way I haven’t been in some time. Every day this week I’ve been hoping to write something but I haven’t been able to find the time or the energy.

Driving to work this morning I was in a bit of a funk so I shuffled the music and got a dose of what I really needed — a serendipitous series of songs that changed my day.

It left me wondering what the things are that make our days work? So many of us walk into environments that demand change and attention that it can be a bit overwhelming and lead to frustration. Some days it works and you are ready to meet the challenges … there are other days when it is more than difficult. The best part about it is that each day provides something that makes me want to meet the challenges, to work to change things, and push thinking. The bad parts really do pull me down.

So when the perfect trio of random music carried me to my 8 AM meeting I felt better than I have. Its amazing that three songs can make a day. Are there things that change the day for you?

One thought on “The Right Start

  1. For me, it’s being aware of something to which I normally give no thought; the cycle of doing vs reflection. I tend to need more reflection/introspection than I think I do, or really give attention to; but I always spend time on that if I ‘realize’ that mode or not.

    When I can be aware of that, and get all that reflection/introspection complete and set aside, it’s THEN that I have the clean slate of that “inbox zero” feeling; all threads are tied, nothing on the plate. Once that’s done, I’m at 100% on “what’s going on Now”, and am ready for that “what’s next” mentality, and all my skills and tools are ready to set ’em up and knock ’em down, as they say.

    Sometimes, it’s a matter of taking the time to do that reflection, other times it’s better a matter of the best way of disengaging that introspection engine; putting those items away for now and jumping the track to get to that “ready to jam” mode. For some reason, music is exactly what does it for me, most times, like you’re saying here.

    My office cohort is into hiphop/rap (westcoast, whut.), which works wonders for getting me out of a rut. Left to my own devices, I’m hitting Pandora for Spooky Tooth and related Prog Rock. I’m also very lucky to have a friend that’s into creating music; so I’ve got a small stash of original tunes at hand.. those always take me out of the drudgery and put me in a clean-plate state.

    THEN it’s time for “what’s next, what’s next..” and the day is less a disconnected series of issues to wrestle, more of a flow of events that gives momentum to the very satisfying “this is better than it was” devotion.

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