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Its actually Friday … is that real? It has been a long week, but it is coming to a close. Later today I am going to hopefully sit down and record an ETS Talk and then head off to the College of IST’s Graduate Symposium where I will join a panel focusing on microblogging. Fridays usually rock, so here’s to hoping this one lives up to its advance billing!

Since its the end of the week and so many people are taking part in our One Post a Day challenge at PSU, I thought I’d share my ETS reading list. This doesn’t expose the brilliant writing that goes on across PSU in general, just the brilliant writing that goes on within ETS. Since we’ve launched the Blogs at Penn State we’ve seen an explosion of local blogging — for all sorts of reasons. One thing I have to say is that I love seeing my RSS reader light up with new content from my own corner of the edu-blogosphere. I hope you take the time to dig through some of it and discover some amazing new blogs from some really smart and talented education technologists, instructional designers, programmers, marketing, and media people. I’ve used Google Reader to create a public feed of my ETS folder and I’d love for you to experience the collective intelligence of our organization.

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