Community Question: Identity

After last week’s experiment with crowd sourcing the definition for “community” I was curious to see if we could keep the momentum going with a new community question.  This week I am hoping to hear from you as it relates to the concept of “identity.”  This is another one of those terms that we all throw around quite a bit — does it refer to a role you play in a particular social context, is it a mash-up of all the stuff you do on and offline, or is it something all together different?  I’ve written and struggled with this concept in the context of the web and learning design for quite some time and could use some help. I’d love to hear how you define identity in 30 seconds or under.

Ideally you’d post this as a video comment over at the youtube page the video below is embedded from.  If you need to know how to do that, I’ve uploaded a screencast showing how to post a video response.  Please help me keep this going and lend your voice to this week’s community question!  Thanks in advance.

5 thoughts on “Community Question: Identity

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  3. I am interested in the results of the question you asked. I teach Morphology to Industrial Design students at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am planning to work with my students in the topic innovation and identity.
    Will you publish the results?

  4. Patricia … I sure will! Look for it later this week or over the weekend! Thanks for the comment and good luck with the class. I taught a class last spring that looked at disruptive technologies for teaching and learning within the contexts of identity, community, and design. It spurred a semester’s worth of interesting dialogue!

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