Trick or Treat

Quick note to say Happy Halloween to everyone! It was a great evening filled with lots of sweets and some perfect time walking the neighborhood with my two little ones. They both had a blast — even little Max who right up until we walked out the door didn’t want to put his Teddy Bear outfit on.

One treat to share is the discovery of a new online music site, LaLa. LaLa is a store and a streaming music site with a wonderful twist — it allows you to share the tracks you already own back into your online account so you can listen anywhere you have an Internet connection. I tried it today and used the LalaMove application to scan my iTunes library and send up some sort of identification that I own all that music. Doing that unlocks the same collection of songs at the LaLa site. Very, very cool. So, now I don’t need to burn CDs of music just to take them to work to listen to. Sorta feels like the RIAA is getting it? No idea, but perhaps. -- My Music in the Cloud -- My Music in the Cloud

LaLa is also a store where you can buy online only versions of songs for a dime and downloadable, DRM-free tracks for 89 cents. It even recognizes my Apple DRM tracks, so I can listen to them anywhere, but on my iPhone. No problem. Add in the social components and it is a very sweet treat. Nice little trick!

One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. After reading your post, I signed up for LaLa and “synced/uploaded” my library. Very slick.

    But what I really like is that I could make a quick playlist, embed it in my blog directly from LaLa, and then send a message to a friend to check out some songs. I know that there are other ways to embed music, but this is powerful in that I have all of my music at my fingertips and can arrange it, post it, and enjoy it – all from one site.


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