Resetting the Reader

Not part of the One Post a Day adventure, but I thought I would just share that I just cleaned my feeds and am at a total zero unread items. I thought it was time to reset the counter a bit. I have a huge couple of weeks coming up with presentations, travel, the Learning Design Summer Camp, One Post a Day content, and a boat load of meetings. One less thing to think about — clean feeds. That should last all of about 10 seconds. I am, however, looking forward to all the PSU One Post a Day content to flow in tomorrow.

The Empty Google Reader!

The Empty Google Reader!

One thought on “Resetting the Reader

  1. I have to do the same from time to time. Although, I’m trying to find the balance of “feeds I really want” vs time allotted. The sweet spot is being able to keep feedbox zero, at least periodically(?). But that comes and goes; the feeds will wait until you have time, unless you’ve got some seriously high-volume inputs (yeah, I’ve got a few of those).

    But, the big thing that comes to mind here; Google Reader isn’t the only reader (can I get a NNW witness! Where’s my JetBrains’ Omea peeps!), lots of good ones out there, and we’re all feeding info in different ways..

    How many feeds do you keep? What about other people? At the moment, I’m at 272, although it’s been anywhere from 500+ to much much lower in the past.

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