Getting Away and Coming Home

I’m not sure this is worthy of my One Post a Day goals I laid out a while back … I’ve been pretty quiet for the last few days because I have been traveling. As a matter of fact, I am typing this post in the San Francisco Airport. I’ve been in Medford, Oregon since Friday visiting one of my oldest friends, KP. KP and I go way back — maybe third grade or so? KP moved to Oregon about four years ago when he got married to his lovely wife. The chance to make a quick (albeit exhausting) trip to the west coast to see him doesn’t come around all that often, but earlier this summer my wife and I decided I should make the time since KP had just had his first child. So, we picked some dates — we had no idea when we booked that the month of August was going to be a total travel month — and I just packed up and came on out. It was well worth the trip.

Since Friday I’ve golfed (I shot better than I have in years with a straight up 84 with borrowed clubs), visited wineries, sat on his back deck with his little man, visited more wineries, explored small towns, ate great food, and really just relaxed. It is honestly impossible to find ways to capture the beauty of the Souther Oregon Rogue River region … the mountains, the grapes, and everything in between is breathtaking. Nice to stop and taste life a bit.

It was interesting seeing KP in his own element. When he comes east he sort of comes in as the old KP, but in his new hometown he is someone much different. Trust me, KP is the kind of person who can be anyone he wants and still be a blast!

So I am beat and getting ready to take off on a red eye so I can be back in State College by 10 AM. I’ll then race home to spend a week with my family. I can’t wait to see them and to take the rest of the week to get my little lady ready to go off to public school and to spend some “outside time” with my little man watching him play in the backyard. Summer has sprinted by us and Fall isn’t waiting for us to catch up. A great summer and a great way to end it — visiting old friends and getting to spend the waning hours of it with my own family.

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