My Simple iPhone App Wish

I’ve been very happy with my iPhone since I got it last year … I like it so much I haven’t yet felt compelled to pony up for the new one. With the 2.0 software update I am thrilled with how easily I can extend the functionality of the device — and the “fake” GPS works fine for me at the moment. I am betting there will be a killer app for the real GPS integration that will get me thinking, but for now the location based hooks in software are good enough for me.

Why can\'t I have at least a podcast option?

There is one thing I want though … I would really like an app that made it easy to acquire content from the iTunes Store that is in the iTunes U area. I know how it all works behind the scenes (for the most part) so I know it isn’t a simple task, but having the ability to integrate SMS notifications to students that new content is available in their iTunes U course spaces would really kick ass. I fully get the challenges with authentication, storing credentials, and the like but having an app that would at least let me point students directly to (even a public) course in iTunes U would be outstanding. I could easily write a half dozen case studies where this could be put to amazing use — and I am betting it would drive adoption of both the new 3G powered network device and the wifi enabled iPod Touch on campuses.

Real content on the go would be great. Total integration across the iTunes/iPod/iPhone eco-system would be an ideal situation for us all. Thoughts?

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  1. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I talked to our Apple friends about when I flew out there in the spring. I also said that we should try our best to get an iTouch into the hands of every student. A few months later we have the annual Back to School promotion offering just enough to get the multi-touch ipod, hmmm…In all seriousness, a mobile version of iTunesU on a device {Finally} compatible with our Cisco VPN would ‘complete the circuit’ for students at Penn State. Your post got me fired up about the idea of iTunesU + Firmware 2.0 so I spent some time in the Photoshop Shed and created a nice little PSU specific iTunesU icon that mimics the existing App Store and iTunes icons. I’ll be posting it over on my PSU blog later tonight *crosses fingers/hopes takedown notice doesn’t show up*.

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