A Thought? One Post a Day.

I am considering trying to write a post a day for the entire month of August. I would limit the rules to only having to post during week days, so weekends would be free time. I wonder if I can pull that off and if it would be meaningful? Given the lackluster posting schedule around here, I’m not sure I could make it happen. But, I may try. Here is what I have in mind … I’d take results from our own surveys related to the things we’ve been looking at with our faculty, staff, and students and share the discovery and try and add some thoughts to each post to clarify how it is effecting my/our thinking. What do you think? Worth it?

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  1. The narrow windows of time when I’ve been able to stick to a daily post pay off personally, in terms of the discipline and in the overall feeling of satisfaction. It certainly lends to “life” of a blog. The weightiest factor of all with blogs in consistent posting, so that will have clear value. In terms of communication, if the content remains relevant, then it’s shown the audience will come, will read, will grow. Regarding specifics of topics you’re addressing, keeping the ideas in circulation helps all aspects of the ‘big’ conversation. So yeah, worth it.

  2. Wow. I’d be interested to see if you could pull that off. I see a lot of other blogs that can’t maintain a post a day–not even trying to be informative, but merely as an exploration of their own personal interests. It would be a challenge, but perhaps it’s a great opportunity to uncover some past gems that just didn’t receive the attention then that they might get now that we are farther along the learning curve. Or perhaps a thought that didn’t gel at first blush has developed into a viable exploration. I’ll certainly be watching. Good luck!

  3. That could be a good challenge… I may try to keep up with you.

    If Johnathan Coulton can write a song a week for a year, it should be possible to put together a month of blog posts. I’d probably need to manage it like a newspaper editor, planning more thought-intensive topics for later in a week to give them time to gel.

  4. I think its a great idea – pending one clarifying question. Why don’t you do it already?

    What I mean is, there are reasons why each of us choose to blog (or not to), whether we realize them or not. I’ve known you a long time Cole and you are not a man who has any problem thinking about good ideas =) I have no doubt that you are coming up with 1 thought a day already. So what is keeping you from posting it? Is it just a question of time? Or is it something else?

    I think there can be such a thing as too much blogging if your head (or your heart) isnt in it. Having said that, I think Reg is right – if its just a matter of pushing yourself to do something you already want to do, you’ll be serving up goodness by the truckload.

    Either way, you can bet I’ll be reading.

  5. By all means, go for it. I kept it up for awhile and found I surprised myself regularly with stuff that would come up. I also found the discipline pushing me to blog about things I may have been dragging my feet on considering in public. All to the good, though it wasn’t sustainable for me, for a variety of reasons (not all of them relevant here).

  6. Sounds like NaBloPoMo to me! I tried it last November, but wasn’t really (or even a little bit) successful. Coming up with a structure for the parameters of what you’re going to share regularly is a great idea.

    I’d love to see the Blogs@PSU try a local version of NaBloPoMo. Would be a neat PR/marketing activity.

  7. It depends on the path you go down. I follow a few blogs where people try and post daily. What I’ve seen happen:
    – a lot of “hey, check this out” posts, with links to something the blogger feels is interesting.
    – a small number of thought-out posts, describing the thought process or critical thinking around a specific topic.

    It would be VERY challenging to post once a day, and have each post be meaningful IMO. More power to ya if you can pull it off chief.

  8. OK, I think I am going to take this on as a challenge … maybe tomorrow I’ll sit down and write up my rules. I’ll also invite anyone else who would want to join in on an edu-blogger version of the one post per day project.

    And I will try to stick to a theme … this could be interesting (to me at least).

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