Presentation: 04/30/2008: Annual One to One Computing Conference

Last year I was a featured keynote at the Annual One to One conference here at Penn State.  This year I've been asked back to lead a conversation about web 2.0 and some of the fears surrounding it in our schools.  I hope I can make the case!  Description they gave me follows:
Critical Conversations: Web 2.0, Hype or Hidden Opportunity? What school leaders should know about social networking, Conversation Thought Leader: Cole Camplese, Information Technology Manager, The Pennsylvania State University, Moderated by Anytime, Anywhere Learning Foundation
In light of the constant stream of media reports around the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of web 2.0, and associated social networking technologies, it is critical that all school leaders fully understand the relevance or otherwise of them. So much is now impacting on the lives of students, and as leaders we must be well informed about their potential to support or intrude on learning. Too much is written by inexperienced or overtly biased journalists, and if we are to ensure relevance, we must keep an open mind to these new ideas until proven otherwise.

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