Our Learning Design Non-Conference

As the TLT Symposium approaches I am struck again and again at how much I enjoy working in the PSU Learning Design community … this community is made up of faculty in all sorts of disciplines, staff across our campuses who think about teaching and learning with technology, and students who are engaged in discovering new territory. It is really active and alive! My Twitter stream tells me that is true.

With that in mind, I am thinking about how we get as many of these people together to keep pushing our conversation forward. One thing I know we should have done a long time ago is some sort of an unconference model where we can come together, pick some topics, and share thoughts related to them. So, the other night I put together a page at my wiki asking for help in designing the First Annual Learning Design Non-Conference. Come on in and help us figure it out … the whole thing feels like the right thing to do. If there are people outside the area who would want to join the fun, help us think about how we could extend it to others.

One thought on “Our Learning Design Non-Conference

  1. +1, Cole. Been working over un-conference ideas, but stuck on implementation. Guts say behind-the-scenes un-planning is essential to make the experience stick in the community mind, but having no experience with execution, I quail and walk away. Count me in.

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