That is really all I can say about how I am treating this space … neglect. Sort of an ugly word, but at the end of the day I have little mojo for writing in this space. Not that I am not thinking, it is just that I can’t seem to find the words for what the hell is going on in my head. In reality I have tons to talk about — class, TLT Symposium, PSU projects, life, travel, and a half dozen other non specific things — I just can’t seem to form them into sentences, paragraphs, or posts.

I’ve been here before and I know what it means — it means there is stuff brewing. Teaching always does this to me … additionally, ELI this year got me excited in ways that I haven’t been in quite some time … it has me thinking and working on things that will take time to come together in my head, but I feel things happening. So while my posting is lean I’ll probably start to flesh some ideas out here in the open … in the mean time I’ve started back into Twitter for some reason, am spending too much time on my course site, been trying to take good pictures, working hard to make the next steps at work, and am blogging at my PSU space for class quite a bit. Time will tell what comes of it, but what I really need is time to get it rolling in the right direction. There are so many amazing opportunities waiting to be turned over and discussed … trust me, I’ll be doing it. I just have to figure out where to start.

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  1. So Cole, Awful quiet in class yesterday. Now I understand why. Following you on Twitter. Just want to say that your class is opening my mind to things I never thought possible. Keep thinking. I am not dystopic, realistic maybe. Older folk like myself have a learning curve, a belief curve, a disbelief curve and a long series of fits and spurts of creativity and frustration. Scott is upset with me, I sense. I represent a body of older boomers torn between wanting to reinvent self and school and then wondering what’s the point?

    There are amazing opportunities. I want to be part of creating some. Not sure where I fit in.
    WE need people like you to lead us, though.

    Good class, worth the work…

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