1/8/2008: Breakout Session: Maricopa Gateway Community College

On January 8th, 2008 I will be talking to a group of faculty from Maricopa about RSS and its overall use. I have decided to do a presentation I am calling, Personal Content Management & Modern RSS: Reuse, Reduce Recycle. Description is below.
When we first became enamored with Really Simple Syndication we thought of it as a time saver for acquiring new and fresh content. When it was introduced to us we were often told something like, “with RSS you can read 100 websites in 15 minutes.” Now that our understanding and use of RSS has matured the ability to create content in simple environments and reuse it across the static web. RSS is no longer simply about consuming other people’s content quickly – it is now about finding innovative ways to embed content from multiple sources into your work. We will discuss how by using a personal content management tool – a blog – you can discover ways to syndicate news into your course website, a department page, or create new ways to engage students through fresh news sources.
In our sessions we will discuss the basics of RSS for content consumption, but will also look at several new ways to reuse existing material, reduce redundant content creation, and recycle things you create for new uses.

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