iPhone (and iPod) SDK

I am not going to rehash the news that Apple will finally release an iPhone SDK, but will make special note of the fact that this means there will (finally) be an iPod SDK. What is so great to me is that I actually sat in an Apple conference room five years ago (?) when the first iPod came out and told them straight faced that unless they released an SDK they would have a loser on their hands. I hate looking so stupid … but vengeance is mine, Apple will indeed allow third party developers extend the most popular device on the planet. The thing that really interests me is the notion Fraser Speirs writes about — how long until there are as many OSX powered devices as there are Macs in the marketplace. With that as the starting point for this, the rules of the mobile device game just got changed in a whole new way for those willing to play in the Apple landscape.

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  3. More importantly we’ll probably see a VPN client for the iPod Touch now. People will finally be able to browse the web on campus!

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