Something Different

Growing up in Bloomsburg, PA we had this diner on Main Street that seemed to change its name every year or so — Toddle House, The Bloom Diner, and (my favorite) Something Different. It was a lousy diner, not the kind you’d want to hang out in … no that place was across the street, the Texas Lunch. It was the Texas from back in the day … probably the 1930s or so. The Texas had the world famous egg burger, the hot dog special, and anything else that screamed of grease and goodness.

At any rate, that is a strange way to say that I am once again tweaking the look of this site. Just like the new-age diner with bad meals (you seeing the extended metaphor here?), I am once again trying to reinvent my lame content with a fresh look. I loved the old theme, but it was starting to perform poorly as WordPress continued to grow so today I spent an hour or so trolling the Internet for a good WP theme. I found what I found and it is what it is. I suspect most of you never see the actual look and feel of the blog and are stuck with just the same old content. At any rate, the blog has been changed so stop over and take a peek. Let me also say that I am not convinced I like it and may just blow the whole thing up once again — they shoulda done that with the Something Different Diner a long time ago.

Update: Since I got the, “it looks like Vista” comment, I tried just swapping the banner image out. Still not sure.

2 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. I really enjoyed the family orientedness of your last theme — where you placed pictures in the header of you and your family which gave a sense of something other than techno-junkie. It was reflective of your posts — some technology, some human centerdess. But this new look is very windowsVista bubbly. Even the Microsoft Blue irks me. Then again I could remain in Google Reader and not venture to these parts of the Internet, but I did enjoy seeing your images of smiling people when I did venture…So either way, the questions arise — Will this theme change the way you think? Of what you post? Will you allow the theme to dictate your thoughts to the extent of slowly becoming a 100% techno-semantic blog? Are themes that important?

    You may do all of your posting using another service or the WP Interface, so these questions may not be that relevant to your setup. Still fun to think about design and its effect/affect on the people who are consumed by it.

    Design…it really does matter!

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