Not Much to Say

What I can muster the energy to say is that I am very sad. Not much else to say. I’ll let someone who can write do my talking. I will say this, I am deeply saddened and disturbed by this shocking turn of events in our lives. Natasha, you will be missed — obviously more than you will ever know. You were a beautiful person who touched our lives in unmeasurable ways.

6 thoughts on “Not Much to Say

  1. Cole, I am so sorry to hear about Natasha. The post your wife made on IM was very moving. Please give her my condolences as well. Know that I and my family are thinking about you and yours.

  2. IM–
    My wife asked me to read this, and I was astounded by some of the most beautiful language I have ever heard myself read aloud. Natasha was obviously a magnificent woman; one who will be missed by many whom her life touched. Your touching words convey a deep friendship. A friendship that should not end despite her passing. The spirit of Natasha can be kept alive through you, and her amazing qualities can be transferred to those willing to accept them. Hopefully you will see the good that Natasha exuded, through the future actions of your daughter and son when you are unable to guide them. Let them realize that life is bigger than themselves. May Natasha’s life be surpassed only by her legacy. Stay strong, IM, your support is all around you. And the support for your children stretches farther than you realize.

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