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I blogged about Ta-Da List last week … it was one of the first web apps I had found that had been optimized for the iPhone browser. Next week I am going to try to use it as my calendar replacement. The syncing of Oracle Calendar and iCal is just too time consuming and the one directional syncing isn’t going to cut it.

I’ll report back, but so far I am digging the way the whole thing works. Safari on the iPhone keeps sites open even when you are not using the Internet so I can keep it open at all times. It gives me very quick access to a combination of meeting dates, times, and locations as well as standard to-do list items. The browser only needs to connect to fetch updates or when I mark an item complete. The interface moves completed items to the bottom of the list with a “strike” through them. I will be reporting on how this model works for me.

It has me thinking about a web view of Oracle Calendar that is optimized for the iPhone. Any smart developers out there up for that challenge?

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  1. I for one will be anxious to hear about an optimized solution to keeping your fluid calendar up-to-date for your iPhone! I have found that when more that one person is updating one calendar,syncing can present a problem. I will say that keeping up with your calendar is one of the biggest challenges of support I find day to day.

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