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It was actually really easy to use the Blogs at PSU toolset from the iPhone. Typing is proving to be a little easier than I imagined as well! I am noticing that every time you leave the browser and return, you need to authenticate via webaccess — I guess that is a good thing for a lot of reasons, but what a pain.

I used the Safari browser to go to cal.psu.edu and my calendar looks great … I double tap the screen and I can see all the detail I need. I am worried that the lack of true calendar integration will be hard on me … using the web view is an option, but it feels way too slow and way too many clicks. I am going to work at the export to iCal and sync with the iPhone deal next. Getting data in and out of Oracle quickly and into iCal is my overall goal.

2 thoughts on “Webaccess Works

  1. One of the things I thought would be great about the iPhone was its calendar integration with iCal. Is that proving to be a problem or does the problem have to do with Oracle? Right now I use Google Calendar and iCal subscribes to my Google calendars. I would love to have true syncing with iCal and Google calendars in which I could add items to either and they would appear in both. (Now I need to export the calendar from iCal if I make an addition there.)

  2. iPhone works perfectly with iCal. The problem lies with Oracle. We’re thinking of ways to make this work smoothly — not an easy task. I am toying with other solutions at the moment and will report back on them.

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