iPhone Communication Channels

We’ve been tasked with evaluating Apple’s new iPhone. To help get a sense of how we should handle reports, I’ve set up this simple form. The one requirement we were given was to not report via email … that means to me we should be taking advantage of one or more of our publishing platforms. In my mind we have three very good options:

  1. Wiki: The wiki would give us a protected, fully editable space for sharing insight. It is more free form than a blog, but does allow for solid collaboration. If you think we should be sharing and editing each other’s thoughts a wiki would be an outstanding option.
  2. Multi-USer Blog Site: This would give us a single site that all of us could blog about the iPhone at. An example of a space like this would be the ANGEL Community Hub. We could do this in the open or behind PSU authentication. This would give us the ability to post quick thoughts that would be organized via a taxonomy (categories) all in one place.
  3. PSU Blogs: We could each setup an individual PSU Blog and report in our personal webspace. I would then recommend we aggregate the content together to make it easily readable and discoverable.

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  1. I would like to recommend that you make your findings public – if, at least, your report reveals anything that would help others to get more from their iphones.

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