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Tomorrow I am presenting to folks from the PSU Libraries. Originally this was going to be a small discussion, but it appears as though it has turned into a bigger deal. The talk will be available via the Libraries use of Media Site Live (Windows Media Player required) so tune if you are at all interested. The talk is tomorrow at 9 AM here on the east coast.

I think I’ll probably reuse much of what I did at Maricopa with a little more hands-on demo time. We shall see how it all shakes down. What I am hoping for is an active audience and lots of conversation. Again, we shall see. Should be fun!

My slides are available over at my PSU Blog.

2 thoughts on “Social Stuff at PSU

  1. Great presentation, and even better to be able to catch it in syndication 😉
    I’m especially fond of the Mediasite format which happily also includes accelerated audio!(as if you didn’t already talk fast enough). Sadly, variable speed playback (VSP) is lacking in most vod/enhanced/podcasts, but is critical foer me when viewing extended linear media presentations–(audiobook format excepted).
    As a stop gap, I can listen to files in the QT player (which does allow vsp through the AV controls) vs iTunes (which does NOT offer vsp) or in the WMplayer. It’s an extra step for the viewer, but makes ETS Talk listenable and therefore, get-more-out-of-it-able (nothing personal!–it’s not you, it’s me…my brain [and most peoples’] is simply capable of processing faster than humans can yap.)

    If this could be scripted/automated…it might be nice to publish an accelerated version (research/experience shows 1.6x-1.8x to be an optimal speed)
    I’ve tagged a helpful “speeding podcasts” resource here:

    Thanks again for the enjoyable, informative, archived and acceleratable listen.

    …now about that offer for a camplese-accelerated-blog account setup…

    -Joel Galbraith

  2. I would be interested in learning more about your opinion of MediaSite and the role it can play in higher education. We are big fans of the product here at ASU, but I am always interested in hearing other’s point of view.

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