Apple Camp, What a Model

For the last couple of Summers I have watched Apple roll out the schedules for their “Apple Camp” program for kids. I know it is tied to their retail strategy and all, but what a great program. I really think it provides an excellent model for the kinds of things we could do in higher education to get faculty, staff, and students engaged in being digital. I just love the simplicity of the marketing and programs. If I had an Apple Store anywhere near me, I would go explore and probably sign my 5 year old daughter up to participate.

The podcast session, for example, is only a couple hours long but it looks like they’ll learn really everything they need to know to be a podcast producer. I know we can pull that kind of stuff off, because we do, but the way Apple packages it all makes me want to sign up. I am still struggling with how we can align our services with simple yet engaging opportunities to learn … what am I missing that would help us get over the adoption hump with our audiences? How do we tie the introduction of new teaching and learning tools to interesting learning sessions? I wonder what others are doing.

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