23 Things and ETS Talk

A tip of the hat to Veronica Diaz from Maricopa on this little find … the 23 Things open course designed and delivered from Glendale Community College in Arizona. Not much to say here, but fantastic. It is an open, self-paced eLearning course that guides learners through 23 things they should know about Web 2.0.

It got Brad Kozlek and I talking quite a bit about it today and we think this and our follow up thoughts will be featured this week on ETS Talk. Speaking of ETS Talk, I came across a very nice post about our little podcast show from Mike Briggs at Sun. Blows my mind that people are listening!

One thought on “23 Things and ETS Talk

  1. Go Glendale! There were a lot of great pioneers there, often in the English department, and they have always pulled off some original summer faculty projects. It’s nice to see 5 years after I started preaching them at Maricopa, blogs are taking some root. Even with the twitter buzz, the blog activity to me remains central, especially as a pesonal record, and one that can now easily tap into that big pile of small technologies loosely joined.

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