Wow, That Hurts

Just as WVU Basketball was making it all go around, Coach Beileine is heading off to Michigan. Well, it was a fun little run. The last three years? Elite 8, Sweet 16, and NIT Champions. That hurts. At least we found a way to keep Coach Rod to make a run at the football national championship.

Update: It looks like Bob Huggins might be coming home. Not sure how I feel about that given his past with Cincinnati … I will play wait and see. I am happy we went out and got a big name guy and someone who understands and appreciates WVU.

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  1. Hi Cole. Not related at all to WVU but to your sites format. I see that you too have updated the theme and now have the sidebars all on the right. Is there a way to get them back on either side of the entries? (Presumably edit the css, no?)


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