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No, they aren’t leaving their sprawling campus … they just continue to make moves in the whole enterprise support space. When they bought Writely and turned it into Google Docs it was interesting. Then there was Spreadsheet and just the other day they announce Google Presentations. This morning I was sent email by several people that pointed to various reports of Google making another big move — this time they purchased Marratech.

If you are unaware, Marratech is a cross-platform desktop conferencing and collaboration environment. It allows people to do all sorts of things such as video conference, share desktops, applications, presentations, and other things in that space. It appears to me as though we are starting to see a major push by Google to own the new suite of business applications — all managed and accessed via your Google identity (Gmail account). We’ll have to keep an eye on how this one starts to shake down.

3 thoughts on “Google Moves

  1. wow! So, will this kill Elluminate? If campuses can use GMeeting (or whatever they call it) why buy/lease/build a campus solution… Should be interesting. Marratech is a pretty cool system.

  2. not to be a pest (well… maybe…)

    but, it worries me that google has also purchased (or, is in the process of purchasing)

    i’ve had in my ‘adblock file’ (or my usercontent.css file in safari) for quite some time; but, so is ‘’.

    as i poke through some of the stuff; i’m amazed at how much information gets processed there. i suppose you its all about the benjamins; but privacy seems to be sold short.

    we like to poke fun at windoze; but,

    isn’t ¢oo¢le just the new micro$oft??

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