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Call it an unconference or whatever … the idea hit me last night to have a meet up of the PSU Twitter folks so we can step beyond our new found online community into the real thing. I can honestly say I am more engaged with my local community than I ever have been before and Twitter is a big reason.

I was hoping we could get together for some lively discussion about the things going on in and around PSU. Think of it as a way for us to engage in a conversation that can be longer than 140 characters.

Fill out the form and show up! This is something that could be really good for the whole community. I have blocked off Wednesday, April 4th starting at 3 PM to be at Otto’s to meet up. If we want to create an agenda, or if you have ideas for things you’d like to hear or talk about, just leave comments after filling out the form.

5 thoughts on “PSU Twitter Meet Up

  1. This is a great idea! Count me in! And, seeing as I am already coming from a TLT Symposium-related meeting, it ought to fit right in with my mindset. Well, that and having an Apricot Wheat… or two…

  2. Would love for us to actually talk about some stuff! Why don’t we start a short list of topics here in the comments and we can do some quick lightning talks to inform each other of some of the work we are all doing. Is that too organized for something like this? Really looking forward to seeing everyone … we already have 12 people registered!

  3. So sorry I won’t be able to make it…sounds uber cool!! We have a College faculty meeting that afternoon…maybe I can swing by afterward and see who’s still around!

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  5. As I remember there were quite a few signed up for this, but then it was canceled. Wondered if the Penn State Twitterers may still get together sometime. I’ll be watching the tweets.

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