New Look

Nothing too interesting, just a new look here at the old blog. Trying out a new, more modern version of K2 built for three columns. I like the way this one does the three thing — big to the left and two smaller ones to the side. It has a built in banner rotation deal, so I created a few new banners from images I had. There certainly seems to be a theme in those — spring, summer, travel. What can I say, I am jonesin’ for some good weather and have been on a bit of a travel bender lately. Let me know what you think. Tomorrow it is off to Chicago, so who knows what the posting around here will look like … you know the drill, no promises.

4 thoughts on “New Look

  1. The Bailey’s love the new look…and yes…Keith loves it too! 🙂 Love the integration of Twitter within…

    Travel safely…and enjoy your vacation with the fam once you are there!

  2. I like the new look and style. The new version of K2 is much nicer. If you do like the old layout though take a look at . It’s even possible to create a new style with the same banner width and height if you still want to use your old banners.

  3. Cole,
    very nice, but it does require a 1024x resolution.
    Our (1950’s inspired) institution still has a lot of 800×600 monitors on the library and office workstations, & I like running my browser at 800x on my MacBook, to permit the other 17-18 applications I tend to keep open ;^) to have some desktop space. I also do a lot of work in Eastern Europe, where the 1024x standard has not quite yet made it.
    At 800x, the theme looks complete, until you notice the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, & realize that the 2nd column of sideblocks is cut off (800pxls cuts you off right at the j’cn of the 2 sideblock columns).
    On the other hand – when viewed at 1024+ pxl resolution, it looks awesome.
    Nice pics!
    – will

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