My Apple TV Shipped

Just a note to say my Apple TV shipped this morning … Apple pushed it back a few times, but they kept their word on the “Ships by March 20, 2007” email I got a couple of weeks ago. I should have it by the end of the week. I intend to do a full review this weekend and will post my thoughts then. I am actually excited to see how well this thing plays in my home entertainment network … I didn’t buy the new Airport Extreme and am hopeful speeds will be good enough to make this thing work as advertised. We shall see … stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “My Apple TV Shipped

  1. The content from my Mac mini transfers at a snail’s pace. It’s been an hour or two of syncing and so far, only 2 movies and a tv show have transferred. It’s doing the music now, and is sending about 1 song every 3 minutes. This is ridiculous….

    My network is fast…I don’t know where the bottleneck is…

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