I Hesitate Doing This

Yesterday PSU was in the news twice for our podcasting project. First we were in the Daily Collegian with a relatively well written piece on podcasting lectures. Then in the afternoon, our local CBS affiliate showed up at my office (on 15 minutes notice) to interview me for the same purpose. Both pieces have a little part about students getting out of going to class b/c of the podcast … we aren’t seeing that, but the pilot is still young. At any rate, I woke up this morning to about a dozen or so emails about the TV piece last night — it was already on youtube.

When I first watched it I realized I have some weight to lose and when I told my wife that the “camera adds 30 pounds” she asked quickly, “how many cameras did they have on you.” So, I reluctantly post the piece below and will have to look the other way for weeks when I visit my blog so I don’t have to be reminded of it all … actually I’ll probably pull it after enough people make fun of me.

2 thoughts on “I Hesitate Doing This

  1. YouTube added a few pounds. From what I’ve seen of other videos, it tends to stretch the normal 4:3 tv ratio when it converts it.

    I think the short was excellent. I also added the url to the YouTube description.

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