SecondLife … Watch Out

I remember the days when Microsoft would set its sights on a space and just destroy it — remember those days? I’m sure you remember the not-so-epic battle between Netscape and IE … back in grad school I did a presentation called “Web War” that pitted the two browsers against one another. It was sort of funny at the time for two reasons … one, Netscape was so far ahead no one worried about it (snicker) and two, I did the whole thing in Macromedia Director — what can I say, I was into media.

At any rate, this post over at TechCrucnh has nothing to do with browsers, but does point to some interesting rumors of Google getting in the virtual world space. I think I recall Google’s slogan as being something like, “do no evil” or something … I also remember them talking about not never wanting to be like Microsoft. Well, guess what? They are getting closer to MS domination — not in the same ways, but they are in a position to own a lot of information, eyeballs, and mindshare. If Google gets into the Second Life space, watch out. They have the weight to turn SL into the next Netscape … what with Ad Sense and that amazing Google Earth thing they have a jump towards the economy of a VW is not too far fetched … oh, did I mention Sketch Up or whatever it is called? This could shape up as Web War II … or just be another rumor and be nothing at all. Just thought it was interesting.

2 thoughts on “SecondLife … Watch Out

  1. It seems to me that a little competition isn’t so “evil.” One of the main ways that Microsoft was able to dominate with IE was bundling with Windows, and also offering the product for free. For Web-based applications, bundling is really a non-issue (although I suppose there is convenience in having many of your services provided by the same company, with the same login information, profile, etc.) and Second Life can’t be much cheaper to join than it already is. So what’s the problem?

  2. I don’t see any problem and I guess I should have made that more clear. It just jumped up at me. Reminded me of how MS used to be able to come into a market and just flat out win. Google does a ton of good — so far. When you start to look at the way they are working to index everything from libraries to personal email it does make you scratch your head a little. Of course for the most part we let them in the front door. Just thought it was interesting the see a product like Google Earth being played as a VW envrionment.

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