Podcasting at Penn State



Being able to time shift academic content is proving to be an important and emerging trend on campus. Students are making time to interact with educational content in ways they haven’t in the past and we feel it is important to understand that.

The Podcasts at Penn State project’s goal is to provide a platform to enable easy podcasting for all members of our target audiences.

Our project is essentailly a semester old now and we have seen great growth. During the Fall 2006 semester we saw about 40 sections actively podcasting across all of the Penn State system. We are currently engaged in a formal evaluation of the first phase of the pilot and will be engaged in more evaluation this Spring.

We are expanding the pilot to 50 sections as well as a handful of what we call Engagement Projects. With these projects we provide faculty with a set of resources and ask them to work within a targeted set of expectations to integrate podcasting into their teaching. This approach allows ETS to work collaboratively with faculty and students to understand how we can better support and promote a service before we launch it.

Learn more about the Engagement Initiative at http://ets.tlt.psu.edu/engage.

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