Moving Day?

Over the break I did very little if any posting.  A combination of things kept me offline most of the week … I lived up to a self-imposed online ban for a couple of days, had my family here for Christmas Eve and Day, and then got the unexpected news that my wife’s 94 year old Grandfather passed away.  The last bit of information was quite a blow to the family as Glenn was an amazing man and at 94 was very young.  Glenn dying made us change all of of our holiday plans and head to Bloomsburg, PA for the viewing, funeral, and related activities early last week.  It also took the wind out of my sails as far as posting was concerned.

The one thing I did do while I was home was get an account with Dreamhost and migrate my blog … I got a new domain … and am really thinking about letting this domain go just for my consulting purposes, but I’m not sure.  I can’t seem to figure out just how hard it is to move my current domain as I must get off my current host.  At any rate, can anyone give me some thoughts on the whole domain change/move question … I do know that changing now means having to rebuild not only a ton of small sites, but also google rankings and incoming links.  Any other words from the wise out there?

BTW, Happy New Year!

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  1. Cole, Kristin, Madeline and Max,
    My sympathy goes to you and your extended family on the passing of Kristin’s beloved Grandfather. Kristin’s moving tribute to him was a special one indeed – may we all be blessed to live our lives to the fullest each day we are here – In sympathy, Jane

  2. Cole, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s even harder at this time of the year, with all of the celebration and joviality, etc…

    On a lighter note, you should just be able to point the domain at your new DreamHost account (there’s a tab in DH’s domain config that will give you the info you need to give the DNS provider). Should be able to move lock, stock and barrel without much fuss. Give me a shout if you want a hand.

  3. D, thanks … my problem is that my domain expires in 8 days and they say I need 14 to make it happen … to further complicate things my current hosting plan expired yesterday and they were going to shut me off … so, I had to renew my hosting for another year (crap) and my domain. Now I must wait 60 days until I can move my domain … so for now it looks like I will be dealing with the crappy hosting here at StartLogic and then move stuff over.

    One last question … since I have this hosting account for another year, can I do anything with it if I move the camplesegroup domain off?

  4. turn it into a porn server?
    They shouldn’t require 60 days to just EDIT your DNS record. You should be able to do that any time you want. When you’re happy with Dreamhost, go ahead and start the DNS registration transfer process if you like (but that’s not necessary). All you need to do for now is simply edit the DNS record for to point to the IP address provided by your Dreamhost server. No need to transfer registration or anything…

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