McKeesport Engagement Project


This Spring we will be working with Dr. Kathlyn Brown, Assistant Professor of  Communications at Penn State McKeesport to help redesign Communications 260W: News Paper Writing and Reporting.

The goal of this project is to provide students with the the skills sets, technology and real world experiences needed to become a “real-time street reporter.”  Curriculum content will include supplementing and enhancing student driven content generated through journalistic participation including employing video and audio podcasting. 

Additionally, students will be asked to articulate and evolve their understanding of how media shapes perceptions, and how the use of technology impacts socialization of the emerging ethical standards that will shape their professional practice as media participants in online communities. Finally, 260W students will have an opportunity to participate in the continuation of the McKeesport High School Civic and Community Engagement  after school program.

This picture obtained from SusanNYC on Flickr under a CC license.

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