A Transparent Organization

I’m not really sure why I haven’t been posting all that much … things in the real world have been busy I guess. Between work and life I haven’t felt the need (or urge) to write much — here. Maybe that is it as well, I have been writing and creating content in various areas at work the last several weeks that my attention is split. something to share.

I have now been at ETS for over a year (I started last November 1st) and I am seeing and feeling real momentum. One of the things I most excited about is the simple fact that many people around our offices are now creating and exposing content of their own. A few examples of this are:

That doesn’t seem like that long of a list, but it is just a few things that are going on. One of the goals of mine is to run a transparent organization — one where the outside can see in. I am excited about the world discovering the collective intelligence of the ETS team. I am so proud of the fact that when I log into Penn State on iTunes U I see new content being shared there by my group. I love it when my RSS reader lights up to tell me one of our community spaces has been updated. I am thrilled to see the amount of faculty engaging us in real conversations. All in all I am happy with the way we are doing business.

The next month or so will be insane with new projects being announced, the opening of the first of our new engagement initiative, and changes to how things are done … it will continue to be interesting to me and will continue to challenge me. With all that is happening in the open, you are invited in for a look as well.

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