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I have really been trying to stay true to the one podcast per week ideal … the last time I did this was for the original From the Basement podcast (that turns two years old in a few days). For two weeks in a row we’ve done an ETS Talk Podcast show … that isn’t all that impressive, two weeks in a row but it feels good. Creating time and opportunity has been the difference maker. I have noticed that in the last few weeks more and more of my colleagues have been interested in creating content … that shows me we are on the right track. At any rate, the latest ETS Talk Podcast is available.

I have gone way too long without any comments and it is starting to make me feel pathetic … any thoughts on staying regular with a podcast schedule, on how higher education can tap the space, or anything of interest … don’t make me beg.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Podcast

  1. “From the Basement” needs to do a 2 year anniversary special. They ran far too long, but those days of PWI (podcasting while intoxicated) were stupid fun and sometimes pretty insightful.

    Name the day, we’ll do it again…

  2. I would like to hear more about your particpants at the beginning of a podcast – more than just their name – it might be helpful to give a very brief background on their areas of expertise, interest. When we listen to a keynote or featured speaker, they are usually introduced with a bit of background. i am not asking for much – just a little more than a name. As you build up a following – folks will know who is who – but in the beginning – who is speaking – what do they do – where are they coming from.

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