Nano Recorder

Not huge news, but good to see — the new iPod Nano can record audio. If you check out this iLounge article you can see for yourself. Given how long it took everyone to get those damn iPod recorders out for the 5G iPods it’ll be a year until something ships that actually fits those new devices. If you are looking for a very portable recording device this could be it, but at the price point I am sure there are other solutions. With that said, I have been very happy with the recording quality I get out of my 5G iPod and Tune Talk Stereo. One thing that will make this an interesting solution is that you will be able to record without the typical hard drive whirring sound you get on the regular sized iPods … Looks like it is time to get a Penn State blue Nano.

Oh, yeah … this is my second 4 AM blog post in a row. Sleep, I remember you!

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