I just love ideas that make me smile … there is this little company that claims, they “love to print” called Moo. I came across Moo a couple of days ago while catching up on a few RSS feeds.  They do this one thing really well — create what they call MiniCards out of any pictures in your Flickr account.  If you have a pro account they’ll even throw 10 of them at you for free.  What I liked so much about their service is just how easy it all is.  A couple of clicks and you are dragging your photos in their online system to create your cards.  Mine should be here in about a week.

There just seems like there is so much you can do with these things … more than just biz cards.  I can think of uses in educational settings, for promotions, and so much more.  If you like that sort of thing, take a peek.

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