It’s Showtime at Apple, but …

There are reports all over the web about the iTunes Music Store being down in advance of Apple’s media event today … I’d discuss the rumors, but what is the point? We’ll know soon enough. What I am finding interesting and a little disturbing is that our Penn State at iTunes U space will not open either … I couldn’t get into Duke’s Fuqua on iTunes U site either, so I am assuming it isn’t local to us. Looks like while the real iTMS is down, so is access to our content.

I can understand at some level, but when you go to the standard iTMS you get some sort of message telling you it is down … our login doesn’t open iTunes at all … it just sits at the browser. Interesting. Some unsolicited advice on usability, provide some sort of feedback to the users that the site is down. It would also be appropriate to articulate the reason and the expected down time. With information like that faculty and students alike can understand.

Other than this, we have been extremely happy with our iTunes U site so far. All the credentials are working and faculty are starting to get their access emails. With that in mind, I hope Apple puts on one hell of a show today so that I can have a reason for the downtime to share.

2 thoughts on “It’s Showtime at Apple, but …

  1. I was planning to introduce iTunes U in my class today. Interesting to see that it’s really powered by the actual iTunes Music Store. Not sure why that’s interesting except that we couldn’t run today due to the Showtime Apple event (Showtime…like the old Lakers…imagine if Steve Jobs dressed like Pat Riley).

    We’ll try again on Thursday. Meanwhile, that Shuffle sure is tiny…perfect for a newborn!

  2. There were a bunch of people that were introducing the space today … something about a Tuesday that makes the music, movie, and higher education spaces decide to release things. Either way way we can wait for Thursday.

    Max already told me he wanted a new Shuffle — he said I could use it until he was old enough to actually fit white buds in his ears. The two things he is really interested in are the new pro style interface to iTunes 7 and the iTV (for god sake, change that name). Both Max and are ready to get our hands on that little piece of equipment.

    At any rate, I would be more concerned to see Jobs and the rest of the Apple Exec team in those old-school Laker “short shorts” … those things were crazy short … amazing those guys could work the break like they did in those things.

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