eLearning and the Real World

Is it just me or is the idea that the University of Phoenix Online buying the naming rights to the Arizona Cardinals’ Stadium seem almost unreal. It wasn’t too long ago that a well placed administrator told me that eLearning was dead … this seems to indicate a different opinion. It appears as though we should look at this as a sign that the masses are embracing this mode of study. I know I can appreciate at least a hybrid approach to the standard notion of teaching and learning.

Back in the day (you know, 1999) everyone was talking about the potential of online education as a major cash cow for well connected schools. I’m not sure anyone thought it would be “Universities” outside the mainstream making a real go of it. The last time I checked, it costs a ton of money to name a stadium at any level. All I am saying is that someone might be doing the eLearning thing really well — read that as making money. It makes me wonder when buildings on my campus will get a name from a competitor who happens to have big pockets? Jeez … how will it sound if a building here is named the “University of Texas Information Sciences and Technology Building?” Strange days indeed …

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