Google does Flickr … sorta

In an interesting twist, I got invited to the Picasa Web Album site … sorta like Flickr, but seemingly without the tags and the real social features of the original.  It is nice and they offer (for free) two ways to get pictures to the site — a full fledged iPhoto plugin that makes me miss my Flickr iPhoto plugin and a desktop application.  Seems all you have to do is show up and ask to be included … they’ll give you account until they get too many out there.  It seems to work well … the slideshow feature is killer.

I uploaded a couple of images this morning to see how it all works … Time to wait and see how this plays against the real thing.

One thought on “Google does Flickr … sorta

  1. I LOVE picasa…I have been using it since it came out, and I can’t say enough great stuff about it. I have a PC…so no iPhoto for me. Picasa organizes my photos better than I ever could on my own…and allows me to easily send selected photos to my web album, online vendor of my choice (including Wegman’s), export, email, blog, etc.

    With the addition of the Web album…it’s even better. It has some community aspects to it because you can embed an entire album into your blog, comment on pictures…and subscribe to an album for the latest updates.

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