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We’ve been waiting on a new voice recording solution for the 5G iPod for a long time … way too long of a time as a matter of fact. I’ve seen demo solutions … there’s the Belkin TuneTalk, the Griffin iTalk Pro, and the XtremeMac MicroMemo — all of these look great and take advantage of the iPods new, higher quality recording capabilities. I am just very frutrated that we are looking at a situation where I can’t get my hands on these things. Am I missing something here, or is this taking way too long?

As we are getting set to roll out not only a podcasting service at the University, but a call for participation that will help faculty and students create content I would really like to be able to give them this solution. But, I can’t. I am starting to get proposals from faculty wanting to do this stuff, but there isn’t a viable solution … or is there?

When I had my “old” iPod I could slap my iTalk on the top and it was good enough for basic conversations … as a matter of fact I used it for all sorts of things — meetings, phone calls, and even an interview here and there. I am just ready for a new solution as I am searching high and low for something to put in the hands of my customers. As I am preparing to travel yet again, the thought of packing recording gear just in case I decide to podcast seems like a real pain … I mean, they even look cool:


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