Ten Days to the Day

Jeez … sometimes I get into a funk where I can’t seem to express myself. I’ve been here before. I don’t like it. It sort of happens when my work and personal life intensifies … usually that happens together.

Work has been moving at a blinding pace — amazingly interesting things happening … large projects like our podcasting and Breeze initiatives are moving in the right direction. New projects like blogging for the University are beginning to move (BTW, I want to release our thoughts here so I will be doing that). We are hiring people to help create some interesting opportunities and extend our capabilities. All in all things are crazy but good. I feel like the blur is beginning to slow and I can start to see the picture again.

On the personal side, my wife is getting more pregnant every day — we are around 23 weeks … BTW, its a boy! She and my 4 year old daughter have been trading illnesses for the last 4 months, so it has been tough on them. With it all I’ve wanted to spend more time at home just being at home.

All of it leads to a less than typical amount of energy and attention to sharing thoughts here … I am also beginning to feel like the spring allergies are a big part of this funk. I am coming out of it though and feel like I am organizing my thoughts a bit … looking forward to sharing some of what is happening in the next couple of days. Does this stuff happen to other people? I need to look at my archives to see if this is a reoccurring theme at this time of the year.

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